Astronomy Course Goals


  1. Explore how the development of astronomy contributes and affects our societies' and our understanding of our solar system and the universe as a whole. (Astronomy was the first science. All other sciences began with Astronomy)
  2. Recognize investigations in astronomy are conducted in astronomy for various reasons, including to explore new phenomena, to check on previous results, to test how well a theory predicts, and to compare theories. HS.ESS-SS c.) and HS.ESS-SS d.)
  3. Construct explanations for how the Big Bang theory accounts for the structure of the Universe. HS.ESS-SS c.)
  4. Explain and summarize how elements are created and dispersed in our universe. HS.ESS-SS a.)and HS.ESS-SS d.)
  5. Use mathematical, graphical, or computational models to represent earth in respect to the size and structure of the solar system and the Milky Way Galaxy. HS.ESS-SS b.)
  6. Use mathematical representations to predict the position of objects in our solar system. HS.ESS-SS e.), MP.2, MP.4, MP.5, and S.ID
  7. Conduct and communicate a short as well as a more sustained research projects to answer a question(s) including a self -generated question on Astronomy topics. W11-12.7, W11-12.9(b), RST.11-12.9, MP.2, MP.4, MP.5, and S.ID